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    Our Guild Rules


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    Our Guild Rules

    Post by Alice on Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:54 am

    Guild Rules

    1) Scamming/Hacking: There is a no tolerance in this guild for hacking or scamming. The results of any proven scam will be banishment from the guild. Investigations will be made ofc. <3

    2) Harassment: Any harassment towards guild members or non members can result of in being kicked or banished from the guild depending on the situation. I don't like drama :3

    3) Account Sharing: Account sharing is made at your own risk. You may not share an account with anyone outside of HEART to keep all inside information confidential. The chance of being hacked is made at your own risk.

    4) Activeness:I understand not everyone can be active 24/7. I know I can't be online all the time and I wouldn't expect you to do anything I can't do myself. I'd like for everyone to be moderately active. If you can't get online once in a while you will be booted :[

    5) Leaking: Leaking guild information may result in being kicked and banned from our guild. This is considered spying and we do not allow ''spies'' in our guild.

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